HB Pencils

BEDAYA Co. has a wide range of multicoloured HB Pencils. With and Without Eraser. Ranging from Neon to Metallic and Classic Colors


Colour Pencils

We are producing High quality coloring pencils. CE Marked and safe for kids +3Y according to the European Standards. BEDAYA Co. is capable of producing 24 different colors. 7 inch & 3.5 inch length. Hex, Round & Tri shapes

Colors Numbers 6 - 12 - 24

TPR Erasers & Sharpeners

We are producing Wide range of colourful erasers & Sharpeners with different dimensions.

Both Printed and Cellophane.

We produce Multi-size Erasers


Ball Point Pens

We produce more than 25 different models of promotional retractable ball point pen. With different tip diameters and colors.

Direct Fill Ball point Pen is one of our main products in both the local and the international market.


Mathematical Sets

We have High quality mathematical set. Ranging from protractor triangles and rulers.

We are using the latest technology in screen printing of mathematical set.

Our Injection molding machines